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My start in the painting business was eye-opening because I became privy to the poor communication and inherent lack of respect rampant throughout the trades. It made it easy to understand why the negative stereotypes of tradespeople exist and why we tend to dread having them in our homes.

Soon, a cartoon lightbulb lit up over my head— my retail background had empowered me with the tools and awareness necessary to overhaul the entire client experience in the painting industry. So, in 2006, I founded Powell Painting with a pathological determination to deliver exceptional painting service to the Lower Mainland. And I can truly say we have.

It’s been over 14 years and it still delights me to notice a client’s shoulders relax when they see how meticulously we protect their home before a paint can is even opened. I still feel humbled when a client hands me their keys and trusts us to paint their home while they’re away on vacation.

What’s my super secret formula to success? A deep understanding of the intangibles of excellent service—respect, transparency, trust and a healthy dose of empathy—plus a stellar painting crew with 500 years combined experience (but who’s counting 😉). While it feels odd to mention empathy as a competitive advantage, that’s ultimately why I got into painting and how I’ve thrived in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

At Powell Painting, we’re damn good and we care.

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